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the pop culture magic cats large prints

the pop culture magic cats large prints

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the pop culture icon cats are here!

-8x10 inches in size
-fine matte paper print
-smooth surface
-brightly colored piece of art for your home!
-this who series is inspired by big deal moments in pop culture from my 80s childhood, 90s teenhood and DAVID BOWIE

make sure to choose the name of the print you want, the name is within the piece. choose between :

Scully and Mulder: from x-files tv show
The MISKITS: based on the misfits the enemies of Jem and the Holograms
the wedding : BEETLEJUICE wedding moment goodness
princess of power: the princess of power SHE-RA from the 80s cartoon in cat form!
David Bowie: AS A CAT
rainbow cat: the main character of the popular 80s rainbow brite cartoon series!
stormy: a smaller character in the rainbow brite series!

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