About Us

Welcome to bunnydee, your destination for quirky cat themed art! Bunny Dee started as a small etsy shop back in 2011 selling about 20 prints a year.  Upon adopting her first cat back in 2016 she fell in love with her and she totally changed her approach to art from that day forward. As an ecommerce store founded in 2024 by Danielle Gundry-Monji in the central valley of California, we are so excited about offering our customers a delightful and creative way to express their love for cats and pop culture.

At bunnydee, we specialize in a variety of art products, including mini prints, stickers, and greeting cards. Not only print products but also a 78 card cat themed tarot deck, stickers, patches, enamel pins, key chains and more!  Our collection features the enchanting "a day in" city cats series, where you can immerse yourself in the whimsical world of feline adventures. From the charming Agent Cooper Cat to other cat-themed designs, our products are designed to bring joy and inspiration to your everyday life.

We strive to create magic for your home and world with cats being the primary muse. Cat's truly rule everything around here and we are so ready for that journey. 

With bunnydee, you can explore a world where imagination meets reality. Whether you're a cat lover, a pop culture enthusiast, or simply someone who loves a combo of both we have something special just for you. Join us on this cat fandom journey and let bunnydee be your gateway to a world of creativity and cat appreciation!