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the march shop update cat mini print 5x7 series

the march shop update cat mini print 5x7 series

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I made a bunch of art for the month of march so decided to call it the march shop update cat print series!


-5x7 inch in size
-colorful themes of cats
-matte high quality paper

featuring the following designs:
-mango boi: little cat shaped like a mango
-lychee girl: lychee fruit cat!
-strawberry cat: little strawberry cutie with strawberries floating around
-taiyaki cat: cute black and white cat offering up a fish shaped Japanese cake to you.
-desert cat: black cat hanging in the desert
-just peachy: peach shaped cat sleeping

Note: please be aware that if you are purchasing this print on its own or with other small items like stickers, greeting cards or other mini prints it will be shipped via stamped mail so will NOT have tracking to save on shipping costs for customers <3

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