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Tarot Cats a 78 card cat fan tarot deck 4TH printing of the deck now with Matte Card Stock!

Tarot Cats a 78 card cat fan tarot deck 4TH printing of the deck now with Matte Card Stock!

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with add on drawstring bag

Tarot Cats is back and it has a few changes for its 4th printing!

First change!: ONE THAT SO MANY CUSTOMERS ASKED FOR! MATTE CARD STOCK ON THE CARDS! The previous 3 printings have all been glossy card stock for the cards because the printer I go through didn't offer matte. NOW not only is the box matte but the cards are too!

Second change!: SILVER RAINBOW HOLOGRAPHIC EDGING! I wanted to do something different for the 4th printing and I chose to do silver rainbow holographic sides to the cards. Please check out the video in the listing to see its beautiful shimmer!

So excited that the deck made it to the 4th printing and that there some changes to a few of its elements for this round!

Tarot Cats is a 78 card cat fan deck! I adore cats and know so many people who have had their lives changed by their cats. They are unique and magical and I wanted to make a tarot deck celebrating the joy they bring to the world. The deck comes with a small pamphlet talking about the creation and inspiration for the deck and giving a little info about the artist.

Each card design was originally hand painted in watercolor and ink. So there are no digital renderings here it was all first done by hand. The design of the box and card face is done in adobe illustrator. I have two cats named Taos and Saguaro and they heavily appurrrroved of this project.

The deck is modeled after the famous Raider Waite tarot deck. So any knowledge gained from reading regular tarot will work with Tarot Cats.

Each card measures 2.75 inches by 4.75 or 70MM by 120MM. Printed on matte sturdy high quality 330gsm card stock. The edges are a shimmering silver rainbow holographic that changes color as you move them in the light.. The cards rest inside a rigid matte finish box with lower lid inner designs. Each deck is individually shrink wrapped for safety. Shipped to you in a bubble wrap mailer for secure travel.

For more images or an unboxing video of the deck those can be found on my instagram @bunnydee

Some of the originals can be open for purchase, please DM me on instagram to find out prices and availability.

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