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Magic and mischief 8x10 print series

Magic and mischief 8x10 print series

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I've been doing the #preeroomonsters march drawing challenge and many of these came from that! I got into doing some of my favorite movies from my childhood: Labyrinth(duh david bowie love!), Last Unicorn(one of my all time faves), Never ending Story(falcor forever!) and a few other just animal prints thrown in. The fox I did for my mom for her birthday and the naughty cat is what I imagine my boy cat Saguaro dreams of.

The Sarah and Jareth prints can be bought on their own but if you get them as a couple(which the prints were designed for) there is a price difference!

design: prints related to 80s fantasy movies and mischief animals like smart cats and foxes!
size: 8x10 inches
paper: premium quality matte paper!
use: hang on your wall or send to a friend!

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